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What is Marketing in Maritime

A unique experience where ambitious maritime marketers can Learn, Discover and Experience the future of Marketing. Leading presenters from other Business to Business (B2B) and consumer industries together with marketing professionals from the world of maritime will share best practice and innovative solutions. By interacting with these proven experts in their field, your eyes will be opened to best-in-class marketing from the world's leading brands to generate margin and customer value. This event provides creative, strategic and tactical execution techniques via interactive forums, workshops and knowledge hubs in order to drive marketing forward within the maritime industry.

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I thought the day flowed well. Timings for speakers and breaks were all spot on.

Adam Foster, ShipInsight


Insightful, different, fun, useful, mountain of information in one day. Get the answers on your fingertips, Good to be part of the crowd.

Andy Ford, Wartsilaa


The event was very well planned, carried out and the pre-event information (by Louise) was very good! The venue was fantastic and food & drinks perfect.

Belinda Bune, Maersk Fluid Technology


Thought provoking presentations on latest trends and best practice in B2B marketing, plus the marketing challenges in the maritime industry. Smart venue, intimate theatre, airy networking zone and good interactive panels

Carolyn Morgan, Penmaen Media


It was great. I don't know the Maritime industry that well, but it was great to get an overview and see the challenges in a market that is being disrupted

Charles Thiede, Zapnito


Very good day. Venue superb. Hosts and speakers very good and the event run to time

Danny Rowe, Nexmo

Danny Rowe

It was beneficial to be able to network with industry peers in one place

Donna Wightman, Rolls-Royce


I found the day to be a worthwhile investment of my time in terms of the content and the networking opportunities. The event was both well promoted and organised

Graham Harman, Riviera Maritime Media


Overall, I had a pleasurable experience, with interesting info and nice people, in a suitable (as in spacious, not confined-feeling) venue.

Engaging - yes, (returning question-times, network opportunities, panel discussions). Beneficial - yes(people met, info got, stories told)

Jan-Hein Reeringh, Damen Shipyards Group


Great event which highlighted that many in the industry have similar problems

Jessica Polden, Shipping Guides


I found the event very well organised and the presentations were mostly engaging and interesting. It was good to be at a different style of venue and to meet with fellow industry colleagues and meet new ones.

Karina Thomas, Wartsila Marine Solutions

Karina Thomas

Engaging, energetic and open to future possibilities

Neil Sims, Oakwood Agency

Neil Sims

Engaging, fun and finally an event that was geared 100% towards marine marketers. Balanced marine and other speakers well

Paul Lowther, World Fuel Services


I had a great time, learned a lot, and made some contacts that I'm excited to follow up with!

Rebecca Nixon, Pole Star


It was an interesting experience. Great presentations from a wide variety of sources

Treanne Hübscher, WinGD


The meeting of like minds

Why Marketing in Maritime?

Many companies struggle to properly harness modern marketing techniques and embrace advances in analytics, monitoring, social media and other innovative applications. Marketing in Maritime brings marketing leaders from all industries together for the first time to share best practice and to discover how the most effective marketing platforms can then be applied successfully in a B2B maritime environment.

Designed to inspire

Benefits of attending

Taking place for the first time in the UK in April 2018, Marketing in Maritime provides a hub for dynamic professionals involved in marketing to discover new ideas, new techniques and new connections. Together we will create a marketing edge and come away with the most effective tools to successfully develop your maritime business.

Time to talk marketing and figure it out


Marketing in Maritime has been created to attract and benefit international participants responsible for marketing, communication and strategic direction of their maritime business and brands, those suppliers looking to build their business in the maritime industry, and those sharing their knowledge and platforms for the advancement of marketing in maritime.

Mark Warner



“Marketing is changing. Content marketing, marketing automation, native advertising and ever changing digital advertising formats and measuring tools – are all revolutionising the way we do business and how we generate leads and brand awareness. The maritime marketing scene needs thought leaders in the industry to take it by the horns and bring it into the new digital world – this event will showcase those leaders who will open the door and show you the way!”

Nick Brown

Bureau Veritas


“Marketing in Maritime is an idea whose time has come. ‘Maritime’ has so many great stories to tell and, at a time of uncertainty and change, marketing and innovation are needed now more than ever before – to more effectively promote and protect all our maritime futures.”

Andy Ford

Wärtsilä Marine Solutions


“Having worked in the maritime industry for many years, I believe we need to constantly challenge the way we do things to keep up with the times. This event sounds like a great platform to gather more insights from other brand leaders and gurus in marketing technologies.”

Paul Lowther

World Fuel Services


“Marketing is changing a lot faster than the marine industry. Marketing in Maritime is an event where the most ambitious marketers can learn from marketing leaders from both within the maritime industry AND learn from speakers from other industries to understand how we can move marine marketing to the next level.”

2018 Events

Some of the best minds in marketing came together at Mercedes-Benz World for two days networking and scheduled talks from the greatest professionals in the business. To see a round-up of this event please download through the link below.

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If you are interesting in joining the MiM Crowd at one of our next events, or want to stay up to date with the latest news please click on the link below.

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The Concept

Marketing in Maritime is the hub for the meeting of like minds. Delivered by both B2B and B2C multi-industry professionals who will be present to provide key insights to modern marketing methodologies. A concept not just delivered through a programme of talks and debates, which will light up the grey matter, but also ample opportunities to socialise with your peers, marketing gurus and experts at the cutting edge of industry trends.

MiM Crowd Pioneers

Without these companies this event would not be possible.



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Neil Sims